The Instagrammer Who Hasn’t Shaved For A Year

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Morgan Mikenas, 20, has not shaved her body hair for a year, and in and amongst her Instagram selfies celebrating gym visits and yoga positions, her distinctly hairy legs make the occasional appearance, catching the attention of her 80,000-plus followers. 

Under a post in February, Mikenas writes: “I’m fully aware that my body hair is clearly visible in this picture, and that’s the whole reason I posted it. I’ve have been getting beautiful emails from females who I inspired to stop removing their body hair and have helped send them on their journey of self love. For that reason I refuse to stop sharing my natural self.”

She told that she stopped shaving because she found it an inconvenience, and hoped her stance would continue to inspire others.

Her pictures attract a mix of admiring and horrified comments, with many apparently male users seeming to be uncomfortable. One writes, “Damnit this girl is hairier then I am and I’m a guy. I bet she ends up shaving it all off again soon though. This is just for publicity is it not?” while another said “There you got your attention [now] shave that hair off you animal”.

 In a video on her Youtube channel with more than a million views, she addresses some of the criticism she’s received, saying, “Thank you for putting your hate out towards me because it’s made me a better person”, adding: “Beauty is your own choice.”
She goes on to say: “Shaving my legs makes me feel powerless. When you make decisions for others, specifically a decision that will make others see you a certain way, a way that culture has designed as ‘sexy and beautiful,’ you lose your power.”

Having recently moved from Midwest America to Las Vegas, in another caption she says she’s seen a change in how people have reacted to her.

“I am not afraid of my truths, of who I really am. I am not afraid to be exposed […] Since moving to Vegas I have gone into public in shorts/tank tops/ bathing suit.. fully exposing my body hair. It was a pleasant surprise for me! People out here look at me like I am no different/look directly into my eyes and acknowledge me as an authentic human being.”

We love the fact she is forging her own path and doing what makes her feel happy!