Clear Coffee Has Arrived!

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Coffee lovers around the world it’s time to unite! Two UK-based brothers have developed a world first – clear coffee. CLR CFF is made from high quality Arabica coffee beans and is designed to not stain your teeth. Yep the whole reason for creating this cool new brew is to stop your teeth discolouring. Pretty cool idea right?

According to the new brand’s website, this colourless beverage is made by mixing Arabica coffee beans with water in a “natural and chemical-free,” process to create the finished product. The brand also claims that the clear coffee is also free from preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar, and other sweeteners.

As for exactly how the Nagy brothers make coffee that is completely clear, it seems like they are staying tight-lipped but saying that they employ “methods which have never been used before.” The brand continues: “Due to this combination of technology and high quality ingredients a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavour.”

The Evening Standard reports that the brothers decided to develop the drink after they noticed their own coffee addiction was staining their teeth. “We are heavy coffee drinkers,” Nagy told the newspaper. “Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe.” He continued, “Because of the hectic lifestyle we lead we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost but is low in calories.”

At present, CLR CFF is available to order from the UK but here’s hoping it arrives down under soon.