This Celebrity Hairdresser Says We’re All Washing Our Hair Wrong!

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Just when you thought you knew how to wash your hair along comes celebrity hairdresser Sam McKnight, who tends to the locks of A-listers including Kate Moss and Madonna, with a controversial new theory on how to get it right.

In an interview with Fantastic Man, the hair genius insisted that we should all be washing our hair with mineral water because it’s “crucial for washing out the hard water” and can help to “balance the pH of your scalp”.

McKnight recommends you rinse your hair with mineral water after shampooing to counteract the “awful” effects of using hard water on your tresses.

Speaking to The Guardian to elaborate on this theory, he said, “Hard water contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium, which can bond to the hair”, which in turn makes it appear both brittle and dull.

“It can affect how hair absorbs and responds to products, so could potentially prevent your treatments from working as best as they could,” he added.

The advice is the latest in a string of hair washing how-tos from big name hairdressers.

Last month, Christophe Robin, who counts Catherine Deneuve and Tilda Swinton as clients, told the New York Times that we shouldn’t be washing our hair any more than twice a week.

And Sydney-based hairdresser Janet Nguyen, who has a waiting list of over 100 clients, recently shared her top hair styling tips, including a double pony hack and a clever use for a toothbrush.

While we think McKnight’s hair washing theory sounds pretty robust we’ve gotta say it would prove to be a little (no make that a lot) inconvenient, not to mention expensive. So while it may be great for our hair we can’t see ourselves doing this anytime soon. What about you?