Body Positive Tips For Buying Swimwear

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It may be the middle of Winter here in New Zealand but that doesn’t mean you’re not planning a mid-winter escape to somewhere sunny and hot right? So just in case you are heading off to some far-flung tropical island, I’ve put together my top tips to taking the hard work out of shopping for swimwear.

Take a look at my tips on the short video below and scroll down for more.



  1. Get your head in the game – before you even head out the door – or go online to start shopping you need to get your head in the game. What I mean by this is that you need a bit of a reality check. It’s one thing looking at images of bikini clad babes but if you go in expecting to look like that you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. So managing your expectations is really important.
  2. Give yourself a fighting chance – it’s easy to be quickly defeated and want to throw in the towel and give up but to get it right requires some time. You may try swimsuits on at one particular store and find nothing that works for you and somewhere else will be a completely different experience. Apply self tanner the day before you try on swimwear. Give yourself plenty of time – you can’t be in a rush
  3. Fashion doesn’t matter – fashion doesn’t factor at all when it comes to swimwear. If a particular style is in fashion but it has never suited you then don’t set yourself up to fail by expecting that it may just work. By all means try it on but don’t be down on yourself if it doesn’t flatter you. If you’re not comfortable and feeling confident in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter how fashion forward it is – you’re never going to wear it. My black full piece
  4. Embrace Separates – if you’re having a hard time with matching tops and bottoms then go for separates. You don’t have to put things together because a store tells you too. It’s better to find pieces that fit well instead of getting hung up on everything needing to match. I just did this recently with a bikini
  5. Don’t be scared to be different – you may want to wear a string bikini but if you don’t feel great in it then what’s the point. Maybe a rash top and and some board shorts will make you feel more comfortable. Maybe a tankini will make you feel less self conscious of your mid-riff. Remember it’s about what works for you and not what everyone else is wearing . Being different is fine.
  6. Size doesn’t matter – swimsuits are typically smaller than clothes because they’re meant to fit snugly. So you may want to go up a size or two when you’re trying them on. So forget what the number on the tag says – it’s really not important.
  7. More isn’t always more But remember More isn’t always more with swimwear. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more fabric will be more flattering. Extra fabric can actually emphasize the things you want to hide. So don’t assume that more fabric will be more flattering. If your swimsuit is too large the fabric will gap and not support you properly. If you want more coverage chose a style that offers more coverage not just a larger size. Everyone will look better in a swimsuit that has a cut up the side
  8. Don’t skimp. Be warned about saving money on swimwear – in my experience the fit and quality just isn’t there and they really stretch out of shape quickly too.
  9. Ties are your friend – swimwear with adjustable straps gives you the ability to create the perfect fit.

Remember great style begins with a great fit – so the most important thing when shopping for swimwear is finding the silhouette that best flatters your figure.